The QPAREB runs ad campaigns that highlight the added value of working with a real estate broker as part of a real estate transaction.

When buying or selling a home, nobody wants it to go “more or less” well. The “Less of less. More of more.” ad campaign, created by the Tam-Tam\TBWA agency, highlights the fact that working with a real estate broker means there are more advantages and less inconveniences for consumers.

The winter 2020 campaign is running on TV, radio, on billboards, in print, on the Web and on social media.


Our digital campaign, “Less Questions. More solutions.”, raises consumer awareness surrounding the new measures regarding real estate brokerage activities during the COVID-19 health crisis. The content of the informative website is evolving during the resumption of real estate brokerage activities in order to address the most frequently asked questions from Quebecers about real estate transactions and discover how real estate brokers and are adapting.


In the fall of 2019, two new ads were unveiled highlighting the advantages of teaming up with a real estate broker. Less inconveniences, less stress, less waiting … and always more advantages, more visibility, more concrete offers, more serious buyers, more peace of mind… more of more.

“Moins de… Martine, la visite libre est finie, y’a pas eu un chat à la visite libre, laisse faire les gâteaux. Plus de… Eille, 3 acheteurs qui veulent la maison… Je voudrais pas négocier ça moi! Moins de moins. Plus de plus. Avec les courtiers immobiliers sur”

Moins de… Okkkk. Faque ton beau-frère, c’est pas vraiment un vrai courtier  ? Plus de… Elle a ben vu le potentiel de la place hein, c’est une professionnelle. Moins de moins. Plus de plus. Avec les courtiers immobiliers sur”




Montreal Gazette