September 9, 2019

The Quebec Professional Association of Real Estate Brokers (QPAREB) is pleased to present the continuation of its “Less of less. More of more.” ad campaign, which aims to promote and enhance the real estate broker profession.

The campaign continues to use a humorous tone and focuses on the following message: when buying a home, nobody wants it to go “more or less” well — hence the importance of teaming up with a real estate broker.

“We are excited to continue the campaign in collaboration with our agency, Tam-Tam\TBWA,” said Nathalie Rochette, assistant director of the Communications and Public Relations Department of the Quebec Professional Association of Real Estate Brokers. “The results from last spring were exceptional and we wanted to go even further by communicating to home buyers and sellers the advantages of teaming up with a real estate broker,” she added.

“With even more humour and even more variations, we wanted to amplify the many advantages that consumers gain by working with a real estate broker. It goes without saying that we will continue to do more of more for this campaign,” said Manuel Ferrarini, vice-president and creative director at Tam-Tam\TBWA.

The ads will start running on September 9, in English and French, and will be rolled out gradually on TV, on the radio, on billboards and on the Web.

Advertiser: Quebec Professional Association of Real Estate Brokers — Nathalie Rochette, Taïssa Hrycay, Marc Lacasse, Éric Léger, Chia-Yi Tung and Luc Vaillancourt.

Agency: Tam-Tam\TBWA
Creative direction: Manuel Ferrarini
Creation: Anne-Marie Lemay, Jean-Sébastien Marcoux
Client services: Audrey Lefebvre, Edith Cayer, Marjorie Joasil
Strategic planning: Rachelle Houde Simard
Agency production: Josée Fréchette
Media: InnovoMedia
Production company/Director: Gorditos/ENO
Sound studio: BLVD (Fred Laurier)
Director, print and web production: Michelle Turbide
Graphic artists: Joëlle Montembeault, Julie Duhamel
Illustrator: Patrick Charpentier