The right asking or selling price

Your real estate broker can take care of everything during the sale of your property: setting the asking price, information inquiries, call and visit management, property promotion to potential buyers, contract negotiations, etc.

Your broker first helps you determine the best price when you sell your property. You will then be able to attract a maximum number of potential buyers and appreciably increase your chances of quickly selling your property.

To evaluate the best value for your property, your real estate broker benefits from privileged access to the Centris® system. This network is reserved exclusively for real estate brokers who are members of a real estate board, and is much more comprehensive than the public site.

With the Centris® system, your real estate broker can conduct comparative market research based on comparable properties which have recently sold in your neighbourhood.

Comparative market analysis is an indicator of the price that today’s buyers are willing to pay for a home comparable to yours in a similar neighborhood. It takes into account your property’s features as well as the conditions in the current real estate market.

Your broker also uses the power of the Centris® system to give your home exceptional visibility to almost 13,000 colleagues who are members of a real estate board.

How to Sell Your Property Quickly

To sell your home fast, it’s very important to take the time to set the right asking price at the beginning. If the price is too high, potential buyers are likely to be discouraged, while those who can afford to buy your property will quickly realize that they can get better value elsewhere. In addition, a property for sale for a long time tends to lose value.