Our priority: your safety

Real estate brokers comply with the instructions and measures announced by government authorities and public health agencies in the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic and adapt to their recommendations in order to prevent its spread.

If you are a QPAREB member, visit your extranet for more information.

The vigilance, professionalism and collaboration demonstrated by brokers has allowed for the continuation of professional activities and, above all, has allowed real estate brokerage to be recognized as an essential service.

The main health measures that are in effect:

  • Due to the implementation of the curfew (depending on the region), property visits are prohibited during this period.
  • Open houses are not recommended.
  • Real estate agency offices must remain closed and administrative staff must continue to work remotely.

Click here to consult the OACIQ’s Best practices guide during the COVID-19 crisis.

Selling or buying a house can be stressful. Especially during lockdown. That’s why, more than ever, your broker will accompany you throughout the entire process, making sure that all health measures are respected so that visits are carried out safely. For more details, click here