The QPAREB’s active involvement

Always on the lookout for issues related to the real estate market, the Quebec Professional Association of Real Estate Brokers (QPAREB) and its Political Action Committee are committed to defending the interest of real estate brokers in the province of Quebec.
Together they:

— Actively engage with regulators and various levels of government.
— Identify and prioritize housing and real estate issues, notably homeownership.
— Implement a strategy based on influence with the municipal, provincial, and federal elected officials.
— Make sure that their voice is heard by the province’s various key players.
— Maintain a close relationship with the Canadian Real Estate Association, of which they are an influential member.

The overheated real estate market of Quebec

The global pandemic has led to a significant overheated real estate market in Quebec. Therefore, the QPAREB is presenting an in-depth study on the booming real estate market in the province.